Monday, November 25, 2013

Expanding my Writings
    I entered and won second place in a ghost story writing contest. I entered two stories, one about a child ghost who was lost and went back to his home because he was lonesome. He left little clues that he was there for his sister, dad, and mom. It was more of a poignant story than scary. His grandmother eventually comes and takes him with her into the great beyond. It won honorable mention in the contest.

   The second was a tale about a traveler who had been drawn into a situation of a man and woman who murdered unwary pioneers as they transversed old route 40 when it was just a trail. They would take the deceased person's belongings and sell them to other groups of pioneers.
   The man had figured out the couple's plan and foiled them at each try. Eventually the couple was killed in a house fire when they saw the skulls of previous men that they had killed.

   The next contest that will have one of my entries will happen during the month of December. Christmas themed stories written by our group of writers will be on display at the Mt. Pleasant public library. If a patron likes the story they can drop some money into a receptacle to vote.
   Each penny will count as a vote cast. The monies collected will be donated to the Mt. Pleasant library. The stories will be labeled by numbers only so the votes cast will be for the story most liked and not for the author. Please stop by and read the stories and cast your votes.

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