Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank You Applebees

This is a little different than my other posts. This is a thank you for the respect and honor that this restaurant chain affords veterans each year at this time. They serve a free meal from several menu selections to those who gave of their time to keep America free. They honor us, so I would like to let them know that it is appreciated.

Although it had been offered for many years now, I didn’t avail myself of their offer. I didn’t eat there and wasn’t a patron. I don’t drink alcohol and have never felt quite comfortable eating a place that had a bar.

This year was different. I have some friends who like to eat after a meeting that runs over the evening meal time and Applebees seemed like the place they wanted to gather. It meant that I was eating at about eight p.m. and often I didn’t want that much that late in the evening. Eating that late caused my blood sugar to be elevated in the morning.

I’ve been choosing a salad or some soup and that seems to suffice without interfering with my blood sugar.

I did go for the free meal this year because I was eating there. I was feeling less uncomfortable with the restaurant. While I was eating there, I met and talked with several of my friends. It was a great meal and now I want to thank Applebees for their generous and tasty offer.

Thank you again for recognizing the valor, courage, and sacrifice of our veterans.


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