Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seeing is Believing
Dr. Jamie had his share of unusual occurrences in the emergency room. One evening he was in the doctors on call room and had a surprise. He would sometimes go into the doctor's call room between patients to catch a few winks or to use the bathroom. It was a steady evening and we were going from one patient to another.
A young woman came in with abdominal pain and Dr. Jamie ordered the usual testing for her; blood work, abdominal x-ray, and a urinalysis after he had seen her. I gave the woman a cup for her to give a sample of urine and directed her to the restroom, “Down the hallway and the second door on your left.” I said and went back to work charting at the nursing station.
When I didn’t hear the door open and close, I looked up. She had walked all the way down the short hallway and was opening the door to the doctor’s on-call room. Before I could say anything, I heard Dr. Jamie’s voice saying resounding from the doctor's room, “No! No! No!”
The woman hurriedly backed out of the room. Motioning with my hand, I quickly called to her saying, “Ma’am. The restroom is down here.” I walked down the hall to redirect her to the restroom.

Later, Dr. Jamie explained that had been standing at the commode and voiding in the restroom of the on call room. He had not closed the door separating the sleeping area from the bathroom. When the woman opened the outer door, she had a clear view of him standing with his manhood in his hand.
I cannot imagine the thoughts that were going on inside the doctor’s head when he had to talk to the woman later and explain the diagnosis to her and the treatment he was ordering for her.

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