Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
A middle aged woman, who looked much older, had her eye on Kurt. She was enamored with him. When he was on duty, she would ring her call bell more frequently than usual to get him to come into her room. When she would hear his footsteps, she would throw back her sheets and pull up her patient gown, exposing her private parts for him to see.
Kurt would walk to the bedside and pull the gown back into place and the sheets back over her, then ask. “Ruby, what do you need?”

It was always some small thing that she wanted. Like “Can you move my table closer?” “Can you get me fresh water?” “Would you empty my bedpan?” or “Would you move my telephone closer.”
Kurt managed to keep his composure and be polite for quite some time. He ignored her obvious sexual advances. Kurt was married. For awhile Kurt was actually behaving himself. He tried to ignore the problem until it became obvious he needed to do something before a sexual accusation actually occurred.
One evening he came into her room more quickly than she expected. He caught Ruby flipping off the sheets and pulling up the hem of her patient gown above her waist. This was the final straw. Kurt stopped, bent over and looked across the bottom of the bed, and up between her legs. He announced, “Ruby, you have scabs!”
It shocked her so much that she jerked the sheets over her exposed body and covering herself. She said to Karl, “Never mind.”
Kurt left the room with a smile on his face and Ruby’s calls for assistance became less and less frequent.

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