Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prince Charles
When I was gathering information in the triage area from Prince Charles, He said something that has always irritated me. I cannot for the life of me, understand why people like him who never work always make the same statement, he asked, “Are you hard at work or hardly working?” then he chuckled, thinking himself the most original, witty,  and amusing man in the world.
Let me say this, a person like him irritates me to no end. Not only do they not work, but they have no respect for those who do. I think that at one time he saw what work was, didn’t like it, and went on public assistance to avoid it.
That day, I did manage to restrain myself from playing “Kick the Can” with the Prince Charles, but I was still seething when I took him inside to be treated.
Several days later, I had volunteered to pass out surplus food to the “needy.” I was talking to another volunteer at our volunteer fire department and shared my “conversation” with Prince Charles from a few days earlier. He laughed when I told him “I just wanted to punch the Prince in the mouth.”
The doors opened and holding out a paper sack, the very first, toothless, dirty, male recipient commented as he took his place in line, “Are you guys hard at work or hardly working?” and of course he chuckled.
I felt like hitting him in the head with the five pound block of cheese or feed it to him in one quick thrust or maybe I could force the block of cheese up into his other end. These evil thoughts burst out of my mind, as I gritted my teeth. I paused, took a deep breath, and handed him the cheese. When I glanced to my side at my fellow volunteer, coworker, of course I saw his whole body shaking with silent laughter.
I tried to hand the freeloader the surplus, but he couldn’t even take the cheese from my hand, he held out his sack for me to put the cheese inside. Apparently even reaching for and taking the cheese from me to place it in the bag for himself constituted work and was too much exertion for him.

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