Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eye Love You
Very little is as precious as our eyes and our sight. The words associated with eyes are varied and many. They take up quite a bit of American vocabulary and idioms. One example is someone who is extremely handsome or extremely beautiful is called eye candy and may deserve an eye wink if we can make eye contact. A person on the other end of the spectrum is called an eyesore. Any person who sees a crime is called an eyewitness.
Some expressions are because of their location to our organs of sight. The orb itself is called the eyeball. Arching above the eyeholes are the eyelids, the eyelashes, and the eyebrows. There are cosmetics called eyeliner and eye shadow.
If they are overworked, we might have eyestrain and need eyeglasses, eyewear, or some other types of eyepiece like monocles, magnifying glasses, or something requiring lenses. Perhaps the eyes might need soothed by eyewash from an eyecup or eye drops from an eyedropper.
If someone knocks at our home, we might peek through the eyehole before unlocking the door. If we’re shopping and see a bargain, that would be an eye opener or eye catching and if the deal was extremely fantastic, it would be an eye popper. Wow, what an eyeful.
When we go to the dentist, he or she checks our eyeteeth and the rest for cavities.  A plastic surgeon may recommend an eyelift to eliminate bags under the eyes.
The military may have documents that are secretive and be stamped with the logo, “eyes only.” Sailors braid rope ends into an eye splice and hardware stores carry metal eyehooks and eyebolts.
Needles have eyes, but straight pins are eyeless. Finally, someone who says they will do something, then doesn’t is giving eye service only.

The eyes have it. Eye think eye am finished.

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