Friday, February 10, 2017

Dealing With a Stacked Deck
Overnight the snow plows continued to do their job. The wind and snow worked their magic as well. On my deck there is now about eight inches of stacked snow and in my drive is a new layer of snow plowed from the road. Yesterday, I cleaned most of the snow that had been packed into the wheels of my car, but as usual, they were once again filled. This may not sound like much, but try to drive a car with an unbalanced wheel. It makes the car shimmy like your sister Kate. Driving with any kind of speed causes the steering wheel to jump and shake. I went out this morning to attempt to remove more this morning. I poked and pried more out, but I knew it wasn’t enough. I started my car and moved it sideways in my driveway. I am hoping that the sunlight will finish off what I started.
Moving my car proved to be another chore. The snowplows not only filled my wheels, but managed to slide a layer of dense snow beneath my car. Because of that, I was almost stuck in my drive. After rocking it forward and back a few times I was able to drive it into a sideways position.
Since I was already dressed and outside, I decided to finish clearing out the driveway. I was still sore from yesterday’s snow detail, but against the moaning and groaning of my aching body, I finished my chores and hurried inside to the comforting warmth of my wood burner and breakfast. Oh, by the way, my deck is still stacked with eight inches of snow and it can stay stacked until the spring thaw.

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