Monday, December 12, 2016

Decorating the Christmas Tree
I can’t remember my mom, Sybil Beck ever saying that she helped her mom, Rebecca Miner, decorate the Christmas tree in their huge farm house in Indian Head, Pennsylvania. But my mom always allowed us kids to decorate at home. Each of had one favorite ornament that was the culminating experience to our frenzied excitement. Later, I am sure Mom allowed us to put on the layer after layer of silver icicles, because the tedious work involved. It was a long and arduous event.
My wife Cindy and I carried the tradition into our own home, allowing our kids to help. The icicles were a thing of the past, but each and every Christmas each child got a new ornament to add to their collection. It was their responsibility to hang, remove, and store them safely at each holiday.
As our kids got married and left the nest, they took their bundle of handmade and bought ornaments with them to use for their first Christmas in their newly established homes. Sentimental, perhaps, but I liked to think that a part of their old home was being transferred and established in their new home, making the transition to married life just a little bit easier.

Now, at home, it’s just the cat, Willow and me. She doesn’t do much to decorate, but will be induced to attack some wooly or fuzzy looking ornament if it is hung low enough on the tree. I have had to rescue a poor white yarn lamb several times this year. Otherwise, she is content to make a bed on the thick fuzzy tree skirting and nap.

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