Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Day of Constant Movement
All through my sleep time during Saturday night and Sunday morning hours, my left hand would wake me. It was feeling numb. Once during the several nights of unrest, my fingers felt like sticks and no longer part of my hand. I am sure that it is my carpal tunnel. I had similar symptoms in my right hand before I had the release of the carpal tunnel surgery on it nearly twenty years ago.
Yesterday, I went to church and had a great time of singing and fellowshipping with my church family. When I came home, I quickly changed clothing gathered the things I needed to go to my brother’s house to grind several pounds of my deer meat to make several rolls of venison baloney. Once the pieces were ground, we added the spices and honey to begin the marinating process, then cleaned the grinder and sausage press.
Back home, I hurried to get my clothes changed and load the food for a Christmas party. It was for the Ligonier Valley Writers Group’s annual Christmas event is held at St. Michael’s Church, in Rector, Pennsylvania. It proved to be a great time with a variety of food and good fellowship. The food was as usual was pot luck dinner with the writers sharing their creativity in food and desserts. Once we were thoroughly sated and in reality wanting a nap, we were asked to share something that we’d written. I read my hunting blog while others read excerpts from their books, their poetry, or their memories of Christmases past. Door prizes of books and other items rounded out the afternoon.

I helped to return the furniture of the rectory back to its original order before hurrying home to feed the wood burner, haul in a load of wood, then to church for evening services. All in all, it was just another busy day in the life of a retiree.

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