Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Common Denominator

            I just saw a post that said Donald Trump was blasting the GOP for “not treating him or the people that he represents right.” Like I told my son, “life isn’t always fair” and if Trump is whining about others in the GOP, what will happen if another world leader pushes his button?
            I don’t usually let my blogs wander into the political, but I have to speak out. It isn’t just about Donald Trump, but I have something against most of the politicians that are vying for the presidency of the United States. Each candidate has speaking points, points of view, and has learned the vocabulary that potential voters want to hear. Whether it is Bernie Sanders with his repeat promises of “a chicken in every pot,” but for free or Hillary’s promises to reunite the country, just as Barack Obama promised in his speeches. (I’ll allow you to decide whether he has accomplished this goal.)
            Trump is promising prosperity for all and jobs for everyone, including those who don’t want to work and who persist on making a career out of public assistance. (Perhaps he will employ them on building the fifty feet tall wall on our southern border.) Cruz and Rubio rhetoric has been just slightly less deep on the promises, but all have the learned words that their followers want to hear.
            The one thing I have found is that they all have in common is that they have lost touch with the hard working “common” men and women. They wield these welcoming words and phrases around like a Samurai sword, brandishing them like a battlefield banner and yet they have little to no idea of the meaning of the words. The terms that they bandy about are merely empty shells without any meat or substance, something that their speech writers have pulled form a recipe book.
            The only person that I believe is still close enough to understand people in general is Dr. Ben Carson. Ask any nurse, nursing assistant, physician, or emergency personnel that have to deal with healing, comforting, and dying on a daily basis and they will explain fully what is in the hearts, minds, and souls of the “common” folk.
            Sometimes, I am afraid for the future of our nation, if these are the best men or women to be found for president of our nation, our Commander-in-Chief, and the leader of the free world. I am so weary of the promises made, by both parties. More good men and women need to rise up, make the politicians and bureaucrats accountable for their words, actions, and deeds, and to secure this land of freedom for future generations.

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