Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teasing, Weather or Not

I was outside to clean the snow out of my driveway early this morning and hauling in some firewood. I almost forgot to type in my blog post. I woke in the middle of the night, that is when I thought of the title and the meat of my post.

This see-saw, back and forth, up and down of temperatures is driving me crazy. I just can’t get used to one temperature until it changes; not just slow gradual changes, but these wild swings wreak havoc with my psyche and body. The temperature can go form fifty degrees to below zero in less than seven days. Canada needs to close their refrigerator doors. I’m just kidding to those neighbors to the north and to Judy Ferguson.

In years past, the cold usually makes a gradual appearance and slowly disappears with a few backslides. I usually have hauled in two dump truck loads of firewood from a local saw mill, but because I want to move sometime this year, I didn’t want to leave a lot of the wood for others to deal with.

I am left with just a small amount and with the cold snap over the next few days I decided to buy a pick-up truck load to carry me over. I like to keep some extra in case there is a power outage. I have plenty of fuel oil, but if there is no electricity, there is no heat. I have been hoarding a small amount, but now that I have made arrangements for more to be delivered, I can get the wood burner fired up and I can feel more secure. I always like to have something in reserve and hate to be cold.

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