Monday, February 8, 2016

Barbequed Bear Balls

I was invited to and I attended my first wild game banquet. My brother Ken had a spare ticket and asked if I wanted to go. Just like almost every Saturday night, I was free and readily accepted. I had no idea what to expect. It was all new to me. The only wild game I ate was the animals in my youth and the venison that I got during deer season.
The first things on the menu were trays of hors d’oeuvres of cheeses, deer sausage, homemade pickles, pickled peppers, and crackers. The next course offered the soups: regular chili, venison chili, white bean moose soup, turtle soup, squirrel navy bean soup, and wild mushroom soup. I tried the turtle soup and the squirrel bean soup.
The next round of foods introduced the main courses. Fresh cloverleaf buns, small buttered potatoes, green beans, elk meatloaf, slices of venison roast, wild turkey, bear goulash, venison meatloaf, some type of sausage in sauerkraut, and the barbequed bear balls. The bear meat had been ground up, rolled into meat balls and cooked in a barbeque sauce.
I didn’t try the sauerkraut and sausage and I wasn’t impressed with the bear goulash. I didn’t like the flavor of the spices used and I didn’t like the mushy consistency.
A large urn of coffee and several coolers of iced water and lemon Blend graced a small table at the end of the line to wet the whistle and clear the palate between the different meats.
Another small table was festooned and piled high with a plethora desserts. Cakes of all flavors with their varied icings, small muffins of banana bread, and a few cookies, were bundled in individual clear plastic containers. It made them easy to select and to carry back to your table.
Door prizes and other ticket prizes for T shirts, car care items, cash prizes, framed pictures, appliances, and several guns were given out to those with matching ticket numbers.
I’m sitting at my computer typing, reaching around a full and rotund abdomen and my daughter’s cat Willow. I hope that it all settles and that it allows me to have a quiet night of sleep, because I am rather full right now. I pray that the wild game doesn’t start to fight for territorial rights at some time during the middle of the night.


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