Friday, November 6, 2015


            I think that I’ve become spoiled. First the time change came into effect and made waking up more tolerable in the semidarkness and not into a pitch black room. I know that it has correspondingly gotten darker earlier and make me want to head for bed, but that is slightly better. Why doesn’t the government decide to split the difference with a half hour, permanent change and the public wouldn’t have to reset their clocks and it would be a no fuss situation. But when has the government done anything that makes less paperwork and easier, unless we are talking about the immigration and no- I.D. voter registration.
            Enough of my political ranting and on to my next point that I wanted to write about. Today there is rain in the forecast and after several unusually warm and bright days of November, it is sort of a letdown. I would have liked it to continue for a few more days. T shirts and short weather would have been nice.
            While the weather was nice, I cleaned my chimney. My brother, Ken, the rusty steel wool haired brother helped so much. My kids don’t like me to be on the roof since my slip and fall on the ice last February that caused two bleeds in my head. Of course, I don’t listen, but it was nice to have the extra muscle cleaning it.
            My new books were delivered Wednesday afternoon and I have sold several. I have others asking where they can buy them. My editor has made them available on Amazon. She has even arranged for a package deal of all three in E-book form. The new book The Twelve Murders of Christmas, like the others, has a photo of a scene from somewhere in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This cover is more colorful and has a photo of the downtown Christmas tree and a large red bow.
            I also got a book that my editor put together. She collected several thriller submissions and I have a submission in it as well. It’s called Disturbance. Eight authors are represented, from Oregon and California to the east coast.
            The only other thing that has cast a slight pall on my exuberance is that my washing machine has stopped spinning out the water from my clothing. I will need to see if I can find a repairman or buy a new one. This washer has to be at least twenty years old and has lasted through a wife, three children, and of course myself.

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