Monday, November 9, 2015

My Weekend

            My fabulous weekend started on Friday when I attended a Veteran’s Day event at Mt. Carmel Christian School just outside of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. The faculty worked with the young men and women to present a program that truly honored those people who have served in the military to protect and preserve the freedoms that we still enjoy in the United States of America. The presentation by these students was remarkable. The older classes were dressed in military uniforms and did all of the recitations, while the younger grades dressed in red, white, and blue clothing.
             Prayer and patriotic songs were woven into a sensitive tribute to those who served so diligently to protect our country and its heritage. The flag representing each branch of the military, including the Coast guard were carried down the center aisle and placed on stands at the front of the auditorium.
            Memorized stories from soldiers, sailors, airmen, and wives at home had been memorized and shared it a very dramatic and heart-stirring presentations. The names of the men and women veterans were called. These patriots stood and were recognized and thanked.
            There was a listing and recitation of the many wars that our men women fought from the French and Indian Wars through our present day struggle in Afghanistan. The hymns from each branch of the service were played on the piano. Many times my throat tightened and the misting of my eyes intruded on my thoughts. One specific moment was when Taps was played by a bugler. It brings back memories of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for God, country, families, and for the freedom that we all enjoy. I give a special thanks to all of the students and staff for all of the hard work and their dedication to make it so memorable.
            There was a time afterward to eat, talk and mingle with others. There was plenty of food and it was delicious.

            Saturday, at Mt. Zion Community Church at the top of Kreinbrook Hill Road, I joined about twelve other people to assemble the Scripture of Romans and John booklets. They were printed in the Portuguese language and were being sent to missionaries in Portugal at their request. The printing is done by a church in Ohio. Their mission is to print and have other churches to assemble these books to keep costs down and make more Scripture available to those countries that have a need.
            All in all, we assembled five thousand four hundred and fifty-five of the John and Romans sections of the Bible. Bearing Precious Seed is an outreach worth others investigating and possibly inviting into your congregation to present their desire to place Bibles in the hands of every person in the world. We were told that for on the average, every book we assembled, would be read by seven people and out of the seven, one would receive Christ and salvation.

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