Friday, May 15, 2015

The School’s Yard Sale

My kids attended a private Christian school from the time that they started their educations. I know that many people say that sheltering children from the world causes them to have problems adjusting to the life in the "real" world. I feel that sheltering them from the evils that are out there allows them to grow in faith and their belief so they can face the world and challenge it from a strong base.
Two times per year, the school puts on a yard sale. The proceeds help to support the school and the staff there. Like even the public schools now, the educational system doesn't work well and many classrooms have financial difficulty. Mostly due to governmental rules and regulations that schools are forced to comply. The financial burden of those rules haves drained the coffers and leave little money for the actual education of children.
I have helped in most of the yard sales, the week before, sorting, stacking, and carrying items bought in to be sold. It was sometimes difficult to arrange time off while I worked.
Our first attempts went well, but sere outside and at a private residence. That put us at the mercy of the weather. Sometimes we had to cover our tables and dodge the raindrops and chilly temperatures. It was surprising what we were able to accomplish.
The sales and the items became too large for the private home location and we moved indoors to the gymnasium of the school. That was a blessing to be in and out of the weather. Many of the tables were at hand and easily set up. The time and effort to sort, to carry, and to make sure the donated items were clean, in working condition, and sellable, remained the same.
The yard sale allows the school to earn much needed monies, as well as an outreach into the community. The amount of clothing that goes out every year is remarkable. The cost is $1.00 to fill a plastic grocery bag. (It used to be a paper shopping bag.) There may be some people who say, "Why don't you just give it away." History proves that when something is given, the recipient often doesn't perceive any value, but if they have to pay something, even if minute, they will appreciate it much more.
Many times there are people who pour over the items, deciding exactly what they want from the vast array of sizes and colors. Shoes, purses, and household items are for sale as well. We also sell baked goods, chocolate covered peanut butter eggs, and pepperoni rolls.

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