Wednesday, May 6, 2015


It’s dreams of you that linger still,

warm and sweet, treasured and refined.

In my dreams, I can yet drink my fill

leaving reality behind.

My heart is still a resting place

where memories of you reside.

Fading images of your face

flickers softly stored deep inside.

I wake without you beside me.

I shake the cobwebs. My head clears.

The room is dark and so empty

I find my pillow wet with tears.

Your face reappears in my thoughts,

but my dreams still are burning.

As I wake, my mind’s tied in knots

alive or not, my thoughts churning.

My breathing seems so very loud

it mingles with the ticking clock.

My blankets wrap me like a shroud

ghostly memories me walk.

What is it that I find I miss?

Is it your smile, your touch, your soul?

Is it your scent, your eyes, your kiss?

In my life, you’ve left a great hole.

Where is the sweet bride that I wed?

I write to show that I still care.

You sleep in death’s icy cold bed

with arms that are empty and bare.


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