Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Singing the Blues

This will be another busy week. I am helping with the yard sale and I am babysitting for my granddaughter. So I am sharing some things that I have done, but not posted in the past. This item was a prompt from one writing group. The leader posed that we try our hands at writing a blues song. The following was mine, but he said mine was more like a country western. So, whatever, this is what I wrote.

My baby done left me, she took all that I had.

She wasn’t a Jezebel, I wasn’t Galahad.

She took all my money, after taking my name

She knew all the rules and how to play the game.


She wasn’t Delilah and strong Samson I’m not

She baited the trap and I surely got caught.

She stripped my bank bare and I’m shit out of luck

Taking my ole hound dog, she drove off in my truck.


It was what I came up with as a blues song. It sounded like the guy who was experiencing his wife leaving him would have been pretty blue to me.

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