Friday, March 6, 2015

Today’s Post

I think that today I am going to post several unrelated thoughts that have cross wired in my brain. I accomplished so many things by nine a.m. I was outside and shoveled some more of my driveway and can finally get my car out onto the road, if I so desire. That includes the nightly deposit across the entrance from the Penn Dot plow workers. God bless them for the jobs that they do, but why does it seem they always know when I finally get it cleared. I think they pay someone to sit on a nearby hill and notify them to make their next run when I finish.
I thought that my back would complain more today after the shoveling that I did yesterday. Not so, but I do have a knee and two hips that are fussing and aching. I am thankful that my doctors cleared me to take more than Tylenol. The Tylenol just wasn’t cutting it. I am more comfortable now that I can take Aleve. When I came inside, I emptied the trash and replaced the garbage bag. I washed a load of dishes and a load of towels. The towels are drying now and the dishes waiting to be put away.

Finally, I called U.P.M.C. to correct a bill I received for nearly $1,300.00. They had only my Medicare insurance listed as my coverage. I had to call and correct them. I told the woman who took my information that I was surprised that someone hadn’t clarified it with me before my discharge. Working in health care for over forty years that is the first thing hospitals want clarified.
While at my desk, I paid several bills. The same ones that had conspired with an icy drive to put me in the hospital after causing a subdural and a subarachnoid bleed as well as a large hematoma and concussion.
I had an odd “been here and done this before” feeling as I pulled on my coat and walked outside, across the drive, and up the road to the mail box. It intensified as I made my way to the box. Gingerly I came back down the road and traversed the field of ice in my drive. Safe inside, I relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.
One last thing in my ramble, do the boxes “Amount paid” on a bill annoy anyone else. If they want me to put an amount in and become their bookkeeper, they should at least offer to pay me. I understand it is for those who only pay partial amounts, but to me it is irritating.

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