Monday, February 9, 2015


Because of my recent fall, (and I am assuming that I fell. I have no recollection of what happened.) I have been thinking about how fragile the brain actually is. A single knock on the head can create such confusion and chaos where coordinated thoughts and memories once resided. The thought, or should I say the lack of thought about the fall, how it occurred, and how long it lasted got me compare the brain and skull to an egg and the shell that protects it.
A sharp rap will open an egg shell and expose the delicate creation that is stored inside. The shell will keep the inside protected and safe. It allows for the storage of the vital parts in a natural way. A receptacle created especially for it.
The brain and the skull are designed in the same manner, although much more complicated. A hard shell of calcium to protect the fragile internal organ is the chamber for all activity of the entire body. It is the control center for all thoughts and movements. It is the regulatory center for the life of the being; heartbeat, respiration, and all other bodily functions.
The hard shell protects memories, thoughts, and our identity. Even though the skull doesn’t have to be split open to cause things to be scrambled, thoughts to be lost, or things to be confused, it reacts much the same as an egg shell and the contents when disturbed. It scrambles. It becomes mixed up. The brain and the yolk/ albumin become unable to complete the job it was intended to do. Scrambled, the egg is still good for consumption, but the brain scrambled can be nearly worthless. Until it unscrambles, it will function at a very limited level. It still keeps the body alive, but it doesn’t permit the higher thoughts of creativity or complicated idea development that it was designed to do.

Scrambled brain or scrambled egg can be very similar.

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