Friday, February 13, 2015

Looking out my windows, all I see are lies. The sun is shining brightly, streaming through the window. It is so bright that it makes my eyes and head hurt. It is so warm, that I just removed my long sleeved shirt. The heater is running less often and the sunlight is causing small popping sounds as it heats the vinyl siding and causes it to expand.
The sun is brightly reflected on the fresh snow from yesterday and overnight. I swept off the porch and found that the sun lied and teased me to go outside. It was cold, very cold. It was only 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill was much colder and pulled at my coat and jeans. I had to be careful. Even though much of the ice in the driveway had disappeared, the stone walkway had a coating of ice. It was safer for me to walk in the snow and avoid the walk entirely.
Teasingly, my car sits in the drive. I know that it wants me to drive it, but it must wait until I am seen by my neurologist the first week in March. I am hoping that I will be released and able to pick up my life again. I am missing my writers meetings and my writer friends. It is hard to be housebound.
I am writing, but it takes more concentration than I can summon at present to type my creative thoughts into the computer. Thoughts that come out of my brain, I can write down on a paper pad, but reading and then typing those thoughts takes more concentration.
I feel I am slowly improving, but it is still keeping me from my plans to write a third book with Tommy Two Shoes as the main character. I am at a stage of my writing that I am unsure whether I am making another good series of stories or am I lying to myself.

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