Thursday, January 8, 2015

So sorry I didn't post yesterday. A friend was ill and spent the morning with her, taking her from one doctor to another. She hadn't eaten breakfast and we stopped on the way home. Then spent most of the afternoon shoveling the driveway and hauling in wheelbarrows of wood for the wood burner. I was so tired and uninspired that I missed posting yesterday. So sorry.
Snow in the Moonlight

When I woke about 2:30 a.m. this morning, I looked outside. Everything was still at that instant and the skies were clear. The moon was full and bright. Its light cast a bright blue tint across the frozen surface of the snow. If it hadn’t been so cold, I might have gone outside to enjoy its calmness and beauty.
It reminded me of one winter’s evening and I was driving home. The moon was full and the snow was fresh, very much like this morning. There is a certain old barn that was painted a gray-blue. It seemed drab and it blended into the scenery most days, but in the light of the full moon and the reflected light from the snow, it glowed silver and looked like a barn in a fairy tale. It actually glowed. I wish I would have had a camera, but how do you capture the magic of the moment. A photograph never quite does justice to the magic of the moment.

Another thought of a snowy, foggy night driving home came to mind as I am writing. It was about 1130 p.m. and as I got higher from Mt. Pleasant to White, Pennsylvania. By the time I got to the side road, it was quite thick. The new fallen snow had no tire tracks. The fog pressed heavily and even with the low beams on my headlights, I could barely decide where the road was located.
I wasn’t doing too badly, until I came to a small hill. Going up the hill was okay. The beams kept close to the surface, but when I reached the crest, it was another story. The road made a slight turn to the left. With the light beams aimed in the air and no tracks or landmarks to guide me, I slowed even more and inched along. The only saving grace was a slightly higher snow bank at the right edge of the roadway. When I drove too close to the edge of the road, I could see it and headed back, more to the center of the highway.
I was so glad to get home three miles later and pull into my driveway. The fog was still thick and wrapped around my home, but the welcoming light of my house was such a relief.

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