Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At the Point

Have you ever arrived at a point in life or a point in a task and you ask yourself, “What am I doing? Am I doing this task well enough, am I doing the job correctly, or have I become familiar and can’t tell the difference anymore?

Sometimes when I try to write the next stories in the Tommy Two Shoes series, I am concerned about the writing, not the plots. The plots are good, but am I being too wordy? Am I explaining and sharing my thoughts well enough for my readers?

I try to share what my characters are thinking, what they are seeing, and their emotions. My editor helps me to eliminate some of the extraneous thoughts, but occasionally, it shallows the person and lessens the emotional connection with the character. Oh, well, my editor doesn’t always have the last say. I don’t mind when it streamlines the story by eliminating unnecessary rabbit trails and cuts out the tangents that occur when I write.

The next series of stories center about and around the time of Christmas holidays. It will open with an addition to the family. Then there will be stories of Tommy when he was still on the Pittsburgh police force as a part of the homicide squad. The recollections will fall under the titles of Christmas carols or songs.

The first story in the book will have the title of What Child is This if the position of the story meets with my editor. We collaborate as to wording, position of stories, and titles of each story. When it is finished, we hope that the final product is interesting and entertaining.

I will continue to write, hoping and praying that I can create something that is an enjoyable mystery with a touch of humor tossed in to prevent boredom.

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