Monday, January 26, 2015

A Special Friend

When I bought a pair of skis, poles, and boots at a yard sale for $5.00, little did I know that I had access to a medal winning athlete. I met Sally at one of my writers meetings. She is a vigorous eighty year old woman who has competed in many of the Senior Olympics and brought home gold. A fit, top athlete in so many sports; bicycling, triathlon, swimming, skiing, and probably many more that I am forgetting. She has biked around the world, Europe, Asia, and many of the Islands.

Her long time husband and photographer passed away over a year ago and as a group, we have rallied around her for support. This Christmas, she invited her writer friends and a few close friends to a party. It seemed to be a turning point in her grieving. She had been very down and since the party, she is more like the woman that we knew while Chuck was alive.

Sally has written several books and is a fitness guru, while I am an inveterate couch potato. Sharing that I bought skis seemed to spark more interest from her and she gave me a few pointers. Even though she is going through several heath issues at present, she stopped at my house to drop off the photo and article that was in the Mt. Pleasant Journal that had been written about another writers group to which I belong. Our group has had seven authors published in the past year.
Sally told me to do another loop in my yard, pointing out things that would help me in my attempts to hold my own against the snow, my weight, and hypertension in my life. I am grateful for her help and her friendship.

P.S. she is an avid reader of my Tommy Two Shoes detective series. Thanks Sally.


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