Monday, May 19, 2014

On Course

The drive was to King’s Creek where we camped. I mentioned it in my first post and will only say, this site was the one part of the trip that all of us remembered fondly. Our drive for the day was to Arches National Park, Utah. It would be another hot day and water bottles were filled, passed and the kids were reminded to drink frequently.
Our campsite was at Green River and we went there first to drop the trailer before heading to Arches. The sun was beating down hot and bright as we pulled into the first parking lot. We were at the site of a graceful double arch. The wind and water had worn the stone to create arches that rose from a combined base to two arches that rose high overhead to attach to the far wall. The shadows gave relief from the heat.
We were Able to visit windows arch which was a short walk away. We visited several of the other arches. The last was in a deep, narrow canyon. The sand was actually cool to bare feet and shoes came off quickly. The canyon remained in the shade most of the day and remained cool. It was a great place to relax and cool off before the drive in the hot vans on the way back to the campsite.
It had been a long day and darkness descended long before we got to the campground. The campers set up tents while the adults prepared the meal. The weather was so nice, the boys and some of the men decided to sleep under the stars, not using their tents. The boys chose to unroll their sleeping bags to the back of the long skinny site, next to a chain link fence.
When we awoke in the morning, there were sleeping bags hanging on the picnic tables, on the tents, and on the vans. The boys were huddled on and under a couple of blankets. The boys told us that around two a.m. the golf course on the other side of the fence, turned on the sprinklers and everyone got wet.
Breakfast was over, the vans were packed, and we were off for our next destination. It was the church camp, the Wilds of the Rockies.

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