Monday, May 5, 2014

Bottoms Up

When our Pastor Norm Johnston planned a trip to summer camp for the teenagers of the church, it wasn’t the drive to camp and back, it was an adventure. It was a trip of a lifetime for many of them, seeing much of the country that would be hard to do ever again. The church camp was in the mountains of Colorado. There were seven adult chaperones/ drivers and seventeen teen aged adolescents. The entire trip lasted seventeen days, camping in tents, sightseeing, touring, and driving.
The incident I want to share happened while we were at the Wilds of the West. It was the church camp we visited for five days. It was beautiful, overlooking a small lake surrounded by evergreens.
My wife, Cindy, several others, and I decided to go for the horseback ride and breakfast one morning. Let me explain, my wife was a short woman and most of her height was from her torso. She had short legs. To ride, she had to be helped into the saddle and even though the wranglers tried, they couldn’t shorten the stirrups enough or her to get her feet firmly in place.
Her mount was a mule named Festus. Festus started to step back and when he did, Cindy pulled back on the reins. It wasn’t a good idea. Festus reared and Cindy slid off and landed on her rear. She assured us that she was okay, but the wranglers had her ride to the breakfast campfire in the jeep. The ride for the rest as well as the meal went well.
Cindy’s pride wasn’t the only thing hurt. Her bottom was sore and may have bruised her tailbone. She had a miserable time when we drove on our return trip. I drove most of the time and she sat kind of side saddle in the passenger seat. She did drive for about two hours around Chicago to Gary, then I climbed back into the driver’s seat.
I want to share this trip and the adventures before they get lost in my mind and to thank Pastor Johnston for his wisdom In planning this trip and the privilege of sharing the wonders of God’s creations and beauty with him.
“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Psalm 19:1

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