Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Making a Mobile Garage
Late one evening I was driving to work in my yellow Chevrolet Nova. I was relaxed and the radio was playing. I was driving a few miles over the speed limit. As I neared the entrance to a local campground/ trailer park, I saw a self-contained recreational vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. I saw it slow. I wasn’t that far away from the vehicle or the entrance to the park. I thought he was going to wait until I passed before he would turn in front of me to enter the park. My car was bright yellow. There was no way he could miss seeing me.
The distance narrowed even more. All of a sudden, the driver turned his vehicle across my lane to enter the camping area. He effectively blocked both lanes of the highway. I couldn’t go around it and I certainly didn’t want to go through it.

I slammed o my brakes. My tires started howling and leaving log black marks on the concrete. I was fighting the wheel to keep my car on the road and stop it from sliding sideways. I thought. “Here we go. I get to create the first mobile car garage!”
I managed to stop about two feet parallel to the passenger’s side of the R. V.
The driver shot me a “Where did you come from?” look.
I wanted so badly to get out of my car and kick him in his butt. There were several reasons I didn’t at least get out and tell him what I thought.
 I didn’t want to be late for work, if I did get out I might want to do more than talk with him, and lastly I wasn’t sure I could stand once I did get out of my car. My legs felt so weak and were shaking so much, I wasn’t sure they could bear my weight.
I turned my car and headed to work.
I don’t understand people from the bigger cities. They leave a crowded and congested urban setting to come to these R. V. parks where they are crowded into parking spots. They trade one crowded neighborhood for another. They have to be crazy to pay for these camping areas (As the driver of that R.V. proved.)

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