Friday, February 21, 2014

It Was a Good Day
I got up a bit later than normal. I needed to go to Frick hospital for blood work and x rays. Once they were finished, my daughter Anna and I ate breakfast at the coffee shop. We had planned most of the morning. I stopped at Walmart to get refills on my medications.
The rain dampened the day that far, but the day dried even though there was little sun. We drove to the old Laurel Mall to browse the flea markets and displays. We are both junk collectors and like to see prices of things we might want to buy or things that we already own.
I also took some older comic books to sell. They were given to me and I'm not into comic books. I took what the man offered. I didn't have a need for them, so I sold them.
We did a bit of shopping at Pechin's. It is so much different from the old add on store building where shoppers could see rats and holes in the floor to see the stream flowing below. Where some women crawled on their knees after the meat cart tossing the packages of beef over their shoulders to their husbands who were following along with the shopping buggies. It was a place where the cashiers at the check out lines would be heard yelling, "Carry out!"
Those things are all lost and only memories.
We stopped at McDonald's for lunch which was fortuitous. And and I met many old friends that we'd not seen in quite a few years. It wasn't an exciting day, but it was very enjoyable.

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