Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cold Shoulder

I am so very weary of the cold. I was spoiled by the few days of warmth that somehow managed to slip into Western Pennsylvania. I loved the sunshine and enjoyed seeing the mounds of snow reduced to dirty ridges.
Driving back from a meeting Sunday evening before dusk, I saw the falling snow. I can't believe that I actually thought it looked beautiful, but it did. The white, wind driven snow against dull gray-brown of the tree clusters was such a contrast. It brightened a Winter weary world even though it was snow.
I still shovel my driveway. I carry the shovelfuls of snow across the roadway and toss it into the empty field. If I don't. it creates mounds that creates drifts. When the snowplows come through, they shove all of the snow back into my drive and I have more to clean out. By carrying it across the road, it stays out of my driveway.
I think that Penn-Dot has someone watching with binoculars on the hill above my place for me to get close to finishing the shoveling. When I get close, they call the snowplow truck. The truck comes barreling through to refill my drive. That doesn't make me happy, but I do like that they are keeping the roads open.
Come on Spring.

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