Saturday, September 28, 2013

We had a nursing assistant named Kurt. He was a prankster with an extremely wicked and perverted sense of humor. Nothing was sacred to him and his quick mind would exploit any opportunity that appeared. He would go out of his way to play a joke on fellow employees.
Our head nurse on the med/ surg. floor was a short, full figured woman while the assistant head nurse was thin and tall.
When they stood near each other, they looked like Laurel and Hardy. They rarely stood beside each other. They had a mutual dislike for each other. It was only because they had to work together, that they tolerated the other. They worked on the same shift and Karl often played jokes on both of them. He would do something to one nurse that would upset her and made it look like the other nurse had done it. It spurred their rivalry.
The head nurse still wore garters and a rubber girdle. She kept a container of talcum powder in the restroom. She used it to powder herself so she could more easily squirm back into her girdle after using the toilet.
Kurt found out about it and Sara, the head nurse, became the target of his next prank. He pried the cap off her talc container and poured a layer of Ajax powdered cleanser onto the powder in the container. He popped the lid back on and set the talcum back in place on the restroom shelf. He did it on the afternoon shift when the head nurse was off duty.
The trap was set. It lay in wait for the head nurse to come in on the daylight shift the next day.  It waited for her to use it and she did. After she used the bathroom the next morning, she applied her “pussy powder.” That’s what she called it and a few minutes later, she began to squirm. It took the second run to the bathroom before the itching became a nuisance. She told one of the other nurses, “I don’t know what is wrong. Something is making me itch.” She never did find the reason for her itch or that she was again the butt of one of Kurt’s warped jokes.

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