Monday, September 9, 2013

Pros and Cons of Forgetting

When a loved one dies and passes to the great beyond,

sadness breaks like heavy rollers on a rocky shore.

Powerfully surging, it batters the heart and soul.

With tidal force, it runs its course through a dark bleak hole.

The pain and sorrow mounts with our grieving at its core

deeply hidden fierceness of our emotions respond.


When life fades, there’s a time of worrying and fretting

and death’s door is cracked open to take the person home.

We grieve because we are left with loss and emptiness.

Wide oceans of emotions shrink to become much less;

time slowly heals us and sadness dissipates like foam.

Sorrow runs its course and there’s comfort in forgetting.


Tears flow freely when the lights of a life are setting.

Time softens the sorrows and those loving memories.

The pain eases and the grief lessens from day to day.

Danger comes when those memories start to fade away.

Time allows deep and painful remembrances to ease

Yet we fear the dark, blurred emptiness of forgetting.

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