Friday, July 14, 2017

Choosing Weather or Not
The rain today and the storms last night caused me to think of how the weather we see and experience on the outdoors compares to the emotions that fill our bodies and how the weather on the outside affects the feelings we have inside us. It took many people’s observations and many years of insight to connect the two, but once the connection was made, it is easy for us to see why..
The storms we had last night raged with strong winds, pounding rain, sharp flashes of lightning and loud claps of thunder. They often mirror the confusion and strong upheaval in our lives.
The flashes of lightning may mimic our anger that sometimes causes devastating outcomes with those around us, destroying friendships and relationships that have taken years to build. It may blind others and not allow them to see who we really are.
Powerful devastating winds may push others away or damage lifelong projects in a short violent outburst of a tornado or the longer more persistent winds of a hurricane. Thunder can echo our rumbling complaints or loud rolling bravado. Thick gray clouds overhead can be veils of depression, sadness, or disappointment that hide the sunshine of hope and love.
Sometimes these storms cause flooding and overfill our souls with devastating effects. We cannot retain the rush of it all and our emotions overflow with sadness and weeping and we stand hopelessly by watching things we hold dear fall into rubble.
The coldness of the winter and winds are like bitterness. It stops us from becoming the persons we should be, allowing the fruits of envy, jealousy, and enmity to develop where friendships once grew, while the sunshine of happiness for friends and their achievements can quickly melt the seeds of those divisive fruits and not let them take root.
We can choose whether or not to allow the weather of our emotions to rule our lives and which feeling we allow to grow.

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