Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another Day
After doing wood stacking, my back has been sore, especially painful when I get up from a sitting position. Monday as I was mowing my yard and my eighty plus year old neighbor’s yard, my riding mower threw a belt. I wasn’t able to get under it and called my local mower repairman and friend. He said that he would be out, but not on Monday. I knew that I would be away most of the day today and I left the garage door open for him.
I called him to see what the bill would be and usual he said we’d settle later. Not only had the belt kicked off, but it sheared a bolt the he also replaced. He’s reasonable, so I know he won’t break the bank. He asked if I had a chance to try it and said no. It was a busy day forme and I had no time for the evening meal, grabbing a sandwich.
I was up early and stopped at “Wally World” for a few groceries before heading to my daughter’s house. I was babysitting for my granddaughter Hannah Yoder. Today, she was a good kid. Some days she can be a little bit stubborn wanting her way. With my back so sore, we settled that problem early while her mom was still there. I placed a wooden spoon beside the couch and the groundwork was laid for good behavior.
I was freed from that duty just after 5 pm and hurried home to grab a bite then hopped back into the car and headed to Stahlstown for the monthly Chestnut Ridge Historical Society meeting, The speaker was from the National Park Services, explaining its history and some local attractions.
One busy day down and gearing up for the rest of the week. Sometimes it seems like retiring means being tired time after time. 

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