Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More of the Bed and Breakfast

I want to say more about the peacefulness, solitude, and beauty of the Rockgirt Bed and Breakfast, before I move on to more of the trip across Pennsylvania. From the entryway of the huge brown and green home, the downstairs spreads out in both directions. To the left is the comfortable living room with a wide window seat, large overstuffed brown leather reclining chairs that huddle around a fireplace. Multi-paned windows and glass doors with a multicolored stained glass transom allowed an unimpeded view of the wooded hills outside. Mission oak tables topped with lamps helped to decorate the room.  Hanging overhead, classic craftsman lighting of beige colored stained glass added soft ambiance to the room.
Just off this sitting area is the game room. A green flannel clad billiard table claimed the center of the large room. It had windows that filled three walls. Attention to artistic detail suffused this room as well. Vintage clothing and other memorabilia decorated the walls.
On the other side of the living room was a sitting room/library area, complete with a deep sofa, a fireplace, and a roll top desk. Shelves of books wait for avid visitors to select and read if they desire. The walls of the library hold sepia print photos as part of the delight for the eyes. A window seat allows guests to have light enough to read and to also have a wonderful view of the pond and trees beyond.
Passing through the library, guests enter the dining room, large enough to hold two square dark wooden tables that can accommodate eight guests each. The walls display marriage licenses of Mary Beth and Tom’s ancestors. The fireplace is decorated with framed antique Valentines and clusters of small figurines. A rounded breakfront china cupboard, filled with family heirlooms of china, sits in one corner. A deeply inset window well exhibits crystal bowls, vases, and candle holders. The entire downstairs walls are wainscoted with dark handcrafted wood. The ceiling of the dining room is made of the same wood as the walls. Hanging from the ceiling are a pair of brass and glass chandeliers.
A spacious kitchen of handcrafted cabinets and small breakfast nook filled the next room. It’s a bright room with white painted walls and wide countertops. A pantry, laundry room, and Mary Beth’s work room are the next rooms. The work area is her retreat to work on her art projects.
Outside, redbrick walkways meander around the house through beds of lilies, coneflowers, hosta, coleus, ferns, black eyed Susan, and  bleeding hearts.
Upstairs, the Queen’s room was the bedroom to which I was assigned. Overhead the twelve foot age darkened wooden ceiling was supported by two by eight joists. Each time I looked around the room, I saw something new. The queen sized bed was covered with a velvet patchwork quilt as well as the daybed sitting at one side. The hearth of the fireplace held a bouquet of dried phlox. A peacock plume was nestled in a corner at the bathroom’s mantle. Just outside of the bathroom, in the hallway, was a nest of shoe lasts and shoe stretchers.
Most of the time, my senses were being pleasantly overwhelmed with the unique, unexpected, and nostalgic items from the rich heritage of Mary Beth and Tom. Many of the items on display for the visitors’ enjoyment have sentimental attachments for them, but have chosen to share this treasure trove of memories with their guests.

To see more of this delightful home visit www.rockgirt.com.

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