Monday, September 7, 2015

Just a Few Random Thoughts Today

Last evening on my way from church, I had only driven about several hundred yards, when a mother deer ran across the road, followed by three fawns. It made me smile. It was a mother with her triplet babies. Just that fact would have made me feel good, but on another level, it was special to me. After the death of my wife Cindy, nearly thirteen years ago, I noticed that when I was really feeling in the dumps and depressed, a deer would appear. Sometimes it was as I drove, in my yard, or in the field across the road from the front porch from my house. It was as though God was using them as a messenger, saying, “I’ve not forgotten you.”

Today is Labor Day. My daughter has to work, but I was invited to go to a party. I this is the first time at these friends’ home, so I am unsure of what to take. I decided to make two cheese balls, one of which is my favorite and the recipe is one my wife used to make.
The recipe needs an eight ounce block of softened, cream cheese, a medium chopped onion, two tablespoons of boiling water, and two boullion cubes; either chicken or beef. I prefer the beef. Dissolve the cubes in the water and mix it together with the cheese and the chopped onion. I like to roll it in shredded cheddar cheese before serving to make it a ball, but it can be served without the cheese, just as a dip.
The other cheese ball I want to make is using an eight ounce bar of softened cream cheese, chopped fried bacon or bacon bits, horseradish, and grated cheddar cheese. Slowly I add the horseradish to the cream cheese until I like the taste, then I add the bacon and cheese, mixing it through. Then I roll it in more shredded cheese.
I serve the cheese balls or dips with crackers or pretzels. Both make excellent vehicles to eat the cheese balls.

I guess the thing that tied both incidents together was the uniting factor of my wife. Love you, Cindy.

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