Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Planned Parenthood and Abortion: My Views

This was my response when I understood that Bob Casey voted to continue the funding for Planned Parenthood.
They must have harvested Bob Casey's brain a long time ago. What Planned Parenthood has done is illegal. They have broken two already established laws by selling baby parts that they "harvest." His vote to continue the funding of Planned Parenthood is aiding and abetting criminal activities, as are they others that voted to continue the funding of the selling of children. Is there any difference in this and the abuse of children or the selling of child porn?
I had a response from a reader who said, “Actually, yeah. There's a huge difference. Child pornography is taking advantage of an individual person not yet at the age of consent. Abortion, and the subsequent donation of a fetus are LEGAL practices that are thoroughly thought out beforehand by the patient (oftentimes before conception) with considerations on quality of life for mother and child should the fetus be left to continue development.”
I responded, if the entire process was actually "thought out," the need for abortion would be less and possibly disappear completely. Wasn't that part of the fight over ObamaCare, the right for women to have FREE contraceptives. If the people deciding to copulate would have more restraint and intelligence than rutting animals, the morally degrading act of abortion would become a moot point. It is patently difficult to know that Margaret Sanger's attempt to decrease and possibly eliminate black children from being born is now supported by so many who claim not to be racist.
Those children in the womb are not of legal age and therefore cannot make a decision. They cannot give their consent. How many infants would cry out, "Abort me. Rip my arms and legs off. Crush my skull. The pain makes me happy. Burn me with heavily concentrated saline solution."
You also said that the donation of the “fetus” was a donation. First, it is not a fetus. It is a child. A human being whose heart beats, feels pain, and has a soul. Secondly, Planned Parenthood is not donating the child’s body parts, they are SELLING them.
Now, let's discuss the illegality of obtaining any financial remuneration from the sale of infants, whether alive or aborted. Both are illegal and Planned Parenthood has chosen to violate those laws. If there are any questions about funding this criminal organization, perhaps they should be investigated and prosecuted under the RICCO act which they tried to use against those who picketed at Planned Parenthood clinics.


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