Sunday, August 23, 2015

I’m Back from Vacation

I put my blog spot on hold as I made a whirlwind tour of Pennsylvania. A friend and I drove along the southern part of the state, up along the Delaware River and zigzagged in the northeast, before crossing the northern tiers of counties. When we it Presque Isle, we dropped south and returned home. I hope to share some of the experiences and feelings from the trip.

Our first stop was Old Bedford Village, then Lancaster. I was the most impressed with our driving tour of Gettysburg. I was overcome with emotion, but I will write about that in another post. We toured Valley Forge. I was impressed with the size of the area, but the emotional impact was a lot less. Driving along the Delaware River and moving through the northeast corner of the state, we visited many of the waterfalls that dot the area.

My first visit to a bed and breakfast was a great experience, several motels were less than expected, and one motel was a Godsend. We had good, great, and not so great experiences and met quite a few very nice people. I will try to share all bit by bit starting tomorrow.

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