Friday, July 11, 2014

I am not sure if this was posted or not, but it was so funny to me, but not senior management. I am posting it because I like it.
We had a housekeeper who had the job of collecting trash throughout the hospital and disposing of it in an outside receptacle. He had a container cart that had sides and a door to close the garbage inside. It was about two feet wide, five feet long, and six feet high, including the wheels. It had a side door that allowed easier access to put the bags inside and to remove them. The cart had to be wheeled along an area of asphalt at the back of the hospital to the outside crusher. The lot had a slight downhill slope toward the outside trash bin.
One evening when the housekeeper was taking a load of trash to the outside container, the cart started to move faster than he could walk. The bottom of the cart caught his foot, he slipped and fell. The cart ran up over part of his body, trapping him there on the asphalt beneath the cart. Because of the downward slope and the weight of the cart, he couldn’t push it off. He tried calling for help, but he was outside at the back of the hospital and there was no one to hear him.
About forty-five minutes or so later, one of the hospital’s security guards was making his rounds. He saw the garbage cart sitting on the edge of the parking lot with no one around it. He thought that was unusual and after scratching his head for a few seconds, he wandered over to investigate. He found the housekeeper trapped beneath the wagon.
All he could see of the housekeeper was his head, his shoulder and part of his chest sticking out from under the cart. He helped to move the cart so the housekeeper could free himself. Once the guard made sure the housekeeper was okay, he helped to guide the cart to the compacter to unload. The housekeeper took a break to relax and then went back to work.
That night or the next day someone had used a piece of chalk to draw the outline of a person on the tarmac, near where the housekeeper had fallen. It was just like the old time movies, where the cops would draw the outline of a murder victim. The image of the splayed arms, legs and head was there for all to see. Most of the people thought it was funny, but not management. They were so upset, they threatened to fire the person who had drawn it and they would have done it if they had found out who drew it.

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