Friday, September 8, 2017

Wildly Wonderful Wednesday
It was just another fully packed Wednesday in my life. I had an appointment with my urology Physicians Assistant for 9:40 am. I left about ten minutes earlier than I normally did and it was good that I had. With construction and slow drivers, I hit the doctor’s office with 10 minutes to spare. My dad was a stickler at being early and it has become my habit as well.
I believe that I mentioned my P.A. is a female. I am grateful that she has small hands. I made her smile when I presented her with a gift. It was a framed copy of a pun I wrote. It read, “If you don’t believe in the trickledown theory, talk to a man with BPH.” (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy= enlarged prostate gland.)
My next stop was to visit a friend and fellow workmate in the Scottdale Manor. It was her birthday. She’s an avid reader of my books. It was her birthday. I gave her a copy of my last novel. She’s recuperating and gaining strrength for her surgery on September 14th.
My next stop was at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. It was the monthly luncheon of the Grande Dames of Frick nurses. I was the only guy there and felt like the rooster in a hen house. There were about 24 nurses gathered for our get-together.
Wal-mart beckoned me next and I pick up a few groceries to replenish a few waning items in my pantry. Finally, I was home, able to put away my purchases in the cupboards. I found my newly written novel in my mailbox. It was waiting for me to proofread it, get it back to the publisher for their review, then get it ready to sell and buy some for myself.
Shortly after I arrived home, a contractor arrived to reattach several pieces of siding that came loose in the wind. I had just enough time time to make supper before my next meeting.
I was off again to church for the Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting. Our Pastor spoke about God directing whirlwinds, storms, wildfires, and even the lightning and how God sometimes uses them to get our attention and draw us back to repentance.

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