Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jericho’s Bible Story
Trapped in a computer disc was a story I’d written long ago. It has lingered there for at least ten years. Because of the advancement of computers, it remained hidden until recently. Tom my computer repairman gave me an app that has allowed me access to the words I wrote so long ago. It’s called Libra Office. I was able to read the story again. After several tries, I was able to transcribe the tale from the disc to Office Word. Like I have said in the past, I am computer dyslexic.
I am polishing and reshaping the words with the experience and knowledge I’ve gained from the editing and publishing of my books and from the writers I have met at the meetings I attend. It has been an invaluable asset as I rewrite the fictional love story of Rahab and of the two spies she helped escape Jericho.
I have taken some license by connecting Salmon, the man who eventually married Rahab and the spies that she harbored and rescued. First Rahab was not Hebrew. Secondly, she was a woman with a soiled reputation and not the first choice for many men as a bride. Finally, I made the connection, who would be the most likely male to choose her to be his wife.
One of the two men she saved would be indebted to her would be the most likely candidate. There is no mention of the names of the spies sent into Jericho by Joshua, so one of them might have been Salmon who takes Rahab as a wife. It is my imagination and reading between the lines, but it does give reason for them becoming wed.
I’m not writing this to be the truth or Gospel, only offering it as an explanation of how this woman was in the blood line of David and then into the ancestry of Jesus Christ.

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