Monday, March 24, 2014

Futility? Creativity? Senility?

I can’t decide whether it is old age or because creative thoughts intrude on my normal life and day to day functioning, but it’s frustrating. I can’t tell whether it’s forgetfulness or whether my thoughts get lost in flights of fantasy.
It’s not so bad that I’ve forgotten my keys or where I’ve parked my car, but I do go into another room and stand there looking around, wondering why I came in and what I came looking for. I have pulled something out of a cupboard or the fridge and placed it on the counter, then not be able to find it. It was because I sat something else in front of it, over it, or moved it to another part of the kitchen. So far I haven’t put something in a cupboard when it belongs in the fridge or vice versa…yet. It makes me crazy when I wonder why I can’t find it. Usually it happens when I’m cooking and have to make a substitute. I get doubly upset when I put the supplies away and find it.
The same thing happens when I’m trying to build or repair something. I’m working and lay a tool to the side, then can’t find it.
My most recent aberrancy of my thought patterns happened with my medications. My doc started a statin drug for my elevated triglycerides. I picked it up the same day as I finished the blister pack of my blood pressure pills. I reached into the drawer where I kept my extra packs of pills. I started to take them.
Now comes the senile moment. I was going to start my statin drug, but I couldn’t find it. I looked upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere in between. I searched the garbage and every WalMart bag that we’d stashed. I came up empty.
Every couple of days, I made another search. I kept coming up empty.
One morning as I started to take out the pills out of their containers and I saw on the back of my “blood pressure pill” blister pack, I happened to glance down at the name of the medication on the pack. It was my statin drug. My statin drug was packaged in the same type sleeve, looked almost like the blood pressure pill: the same color, shape, and was just a bit smaller than the blood pressure drug.
I had been worried because I wasn’t taking my statin drug, but I found out I han’t been taking my blood pressure medication. I counted the empty blisters in the statin pack. There were fifteen holes. I hadn’t taken my blood pressure for fifteen days. I should have been worried that I didn’t have a stroke. I was thankful that my stupidity and misguided thought process hadn’t ended in tragedy.
I’m back schedule on my meds… for now.

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