Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a few stories to share with you as a break from the family tales, I just got back from a vacation in North Carolina visiting friends and am glad that I am home. I think I have saddle sores or at least my bottom is sore from so much riding in the truck. I will attempt to share the things that I saw and did while I was traveling and while sightseeing. 

Fun on Rainy Roads

I stand corrected, I thought the roads from New Centerville to Confluence to Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania were the second curviest roads that I had ever been on, but I just found another that has pushed them to third. That road is route 60 east from Charleston, West Virginia to New Falls Gorge. To make matters worse, the road was horribly curved; there were some wicked downpours as well. It was a part of the vacation trip I would not like to do over.
The up and down parts were steeper and the curves almost would have met themselves if they had been on the level instead of climbing or descending. The rain came in deluges. It seemed as if when it slacked off to a heavy shower, it was gaining strength for the next onslaught. I can’t imagine the courage of the men who made and paved these roads over the years.
It was hard for me to see why anyone would have chosen this path even for a trail through the wilderness. There had to be less hazardous and less steep trails. Although I do not believe there is a straight road in many parts of West Virginia or in western North Carolina.

Route 60 was such a road. The good thing about route 60 was there were guardrails between the road and the rivers, streams, and railroad tracks far below. The waters and the railroad tracks played tag with each other as they twisted their way in the valleys and gorges and hide and seek in the trees. Most of the streams and rivers were chocolate milk colored from the sediment runoff of the heavy and frequent rains. The water in the streams ran swift and high.
I didn’t feel dizzy after the run on route 60 as I had when we travelled on a back road from Tennessee to Kentucky on an even more curvy road, but I was glad to be through with it. But if anyone would like a thrilling drive, take route 60 from Charleston to Fayetteville, West Virginia.
This was the beginning of our trip to North Carolina to visit friends and to see the waterfalls in North Carolina.

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