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These are my best recollections of the family tree. If any reader has anything to add or to correct the names and facts listed below, please reply and I will update and or correct them.
(Updated and corrected 7-18'2013)

My Aunts (and Uncles)

                Aunt Rachel was the oldest of Ray and Becky Miner’s eight children. She had eight children of her own. Her husband, Francis Peck was a coal miner before he had problems with black lung. They lived in a large house on farmland raising a cow or two and chickens. I can faintly remember they had a goat. One of their kids had a milk allergy. Their children were; John (J.R.), Jean, Gerald, Nancy, Rosella, James, Arlene, and Brenda. John passed away recently from cancer.

                The next was Cora who later married a man named Fred William Hyatt. She was a feisty person even as a child. Mom told a story of when they lived in a duplex. There was a “foreign lady” who lived next door. She would chase the kids from her part of the yard. One day the “foreign lady” decided to cut across my Granddad’s part of the yard. Cora flew out of the house with a broom in her hands and chased the “foreign lady” out of his yard. They had Frederick (Butch), Sara (Sally), Peggy, and Richard (Ricky).
Butch was killed in an auto accident. His car was found at the bottom of a quarry lake.

Violet married Charles Bottomly. He worked at Anchor Hocking in Connellsville. They were childless until they adopted three children all at once. The three boys were the sons of my Uncle Dale. When he got divorced from his wife Jean, he didn’t want to raise the boys on his own. (I was told that Jean went into a mental facility.) Dale put them up for adoption and Violet and Charles adopted them; Alan, Dwayne, and William.

Dale married a woman named Jean. His slovenly and irresponsible ways and Jean’s caring more about the lives of soap opera stars to the neglect of their kids was the downfall of their marriage and allowed their sons to be adopted. Dale died and I mention that in my other blogs.
Ina married Oliver Nicholson. They had four children and lived in Millersport, Ohio. He worked at for Alcoa and had a huge garden. The family rented a place on Buckeye Lake until Nicky (his Nickname) built a house for them. He finished the bathroom and the kitchen and then moved in. He had stapled cardboard to the two by four framing to separate the bedrooms until he could afford to finish the rooms one at a time. Their children were; Carol, Barbara, Oliver (Butch), and Elizabeth.
Butch was killed in an auto accident as well.
Cosey was next and married Clyde Brothers and lived in Connellsville. He worked at Anchor Hocking too. She was a stay at home mom. They had seven children; Clyde, David, Wayne, Linda, Debra, Ellen, and Darla.

Sybil was my mom and the baby girl of the family.  She married Edison Carl beck. (He goes by Carl.) He worked at Walworth Company in Greensburg until they moved until they moved to Mexico and at Robert Shaw. Mom did accounting work and as a bank teller. They bought a small house on Rt. 711 and kept adding on to it as our family grew. They had three children Thomas, Kenneth, and Kathy.

Theodore (Teddy) never married and had no children. As a child, he was assaulted by two adults and suffered a brain injury, functioning on the level of a third or fourth grader. He lived with my grandmother. Doing odd jobs of mowing, collecting, and selling nut meats and gin sang is how he made money. He did collect old radios and like to repair them.
That is a short genealogy of Aunts, Uncles, and first Cousins of my mom’s family

Estella was the oldest child of Anna and Edison Thomas (E.T.) Beck. She lived in the house next door to my grandparents in Indian Head, Pennsylvania. Her husband, Melvin Strawderman was disabled with black lung from the coal mines. They had two children; Shirley and Merle.

Helen Married Amos Jacob Stahl. They had six children; George, Barbara, Dorothy, Larry, Glenn, and Annagail. Jake was a mason. They moved to Orlando, Florida. Masonry work was too seasonal for him to raise their family.

Merle married Dorothy Randall. They lived in Melcroft, Pennsylvania. Merle had been a coal miner and then a custodian for the Clifford Pritts School. It was located next door to his home. He had four children; Phyllis Charlene, Larry, Edwin and Paul.
Larry drowned and Edwin died mysteriously while attending college.
Edison Carl Beck was my dad and is covered under Sybil, my mom's information.

That is a brief synopsis of my family tree on both sides of the family..

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