Sunday, May 12, 2013

 Mother’s Day Chores
Just a few thoughts on a mother's normal day when I was growing up. It is a compilation of things she would do. Besides these things, she worked as an accountant, book keeper, tax  preparer, and when we were older, a teller at a local bank. I miss you Mom.

I followed Mom around today, watching her, while I’m at play.
She made the beds, picked up clothes, many tasks, hand never slows.
Breakfast’s made and dishes washed, coupons clipped to cut food cost.
Cleaning kids and wiping drool, dressing kids, rushed out to school.
Off to market, purse in hand, buying food for meals she’s planned.
Home again. Groceries stored. Clothes washed from dirty hoard.
Washed clothes hung on outside line. I am glad that she is mine.
Lunch is served and dishes cleaned. Plants watered to keep them green.
Ironing fills her afternoon. Snacks made, kids will be home soon.
Table readied. Homework's done. Kids run off for times of fun.
Veggies chopped, so much to do; starting supper’s pot of stew.
Diapers changed needing washed clean, tossed in the washing machine.
Biscuits made in the oven I fell and got some lovin’.
Dad comes home and gets a kiss, house ordered nothing amiss.
Supper’s over, dishes done, telling tales and stories spun.
Clothing folded, put away. More to do ere end of day.
Light fades and darkness falls, Feeding time when baby squalls.
Bath time, Putting kids to bed. Prayers heard with kiss on head.
I knew Mom had more to do; old chores and some that are new.
It was late. I used the john and I saw Mom working on.
All that work and here’s some pay, With love, Happy Mother’s Day.

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